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Personal Computer Support Program
PRO-ACTIVE support allows us to remotely fix problems with your computer before they cause you a problem. This occurs automatically, in the background, even if you are using your computer. All you will experience is a worry-free computing experience with your computer maintained to an optimal performance standard.
Personal Computer Support Program - $149
Includes up to 2 computers - additional computers - $35 each
   Monitoring - 1 Year
     Monitor computer 24/7 for hardware and software problems
     Automatic error fixing for common issues before they affect your computers performance
     Automatic and monitored updates for all Microsoft security and critical patches
   Annual onsite visit
     Review your network and all devices
     Review computer settings, antivirus, backup and perform standard maintenance
     Install remote monitoring software
     Travel included
Additional Services
    Business Class Antivirus - $30 per computer
   Unlimited cloud backup for all files except video - $60 per computer
   Remote Support - $50 per hour, billed by actual time
   Onsite Support - $50 per hour, billed by actual time, $30 travel